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10 Mindset Tricks to Conquer Your NEXT CrossFit WOD

The daily WOD can test even the most seasoned athletes. The key to not only surviving but thriving in these workouts lies in your mindset. Here are 10 mindset tricks to help you power through even the toughest workout of the day.

1. Embrace the Challenge

Words to Live By: "This is my chance to grow."

Every WOD is an opportunity to push your boundaries. When the going gets tough, remind yourself that this is a moment for growth. Shift your perspective from dread to anticipation of the strength and endurance you're building.

2. Break It Down

Words to Live By: "One step at a time."

Looking at the WOD as a whole can be daunting. Break it down into smaller, achievable segments. Focus on getting through just the next rep 5 reps or next 10 seconds. This approach keeps you from feeling overwhelmed with the volume and helps maintain a steady pace where you can get through the workout one rep at a time.

3. Positive Self-Talk

Words to Live By: "I am capable. I and strong."

Your inner dialogue can make or break your performance. Counteract negative thoughts with positive affirmations. Remind yourself of your strength, resilience, and training. Positive self-talk is a powerful tool to push through mental barriers.

4. Visualize Success

Words to Live By: "See it, be it."

Before you start, visualize completing the workout successfully. Picture each movement, each transition, and imagine overcoming the challenging parts. This mental rehearsal primes your mind for success and reduces anxiety.

5. Controlled Breathing

Words to Live By: "Breathe in strength, breathe out fatigue."

Breath control is crucial. Focus on deep, controlled breaths to manage your energy and stress levels. Proper breathing ensures steady oxygen flow to your muscles and helps maintain an optimal heart rate.

6. Embrace the Discomfort

Words to Live By: "Discomfort is growth in disguise."

Recognize that discomfort is part of the journey. Distinguish between the discomfort of effort and the pain of injury. Embracing the former keeps you grounded and focused on your goals.

7. Stay Present

Words to Live By: "Now is all that matters."

If you stumble, don’t dwell on it. Acknowledge it, learn from it, and move on. Staying present ensures that minor setbacks don’t turn into major roadblocks.

8. Powerful Body Language

Words to Live By: "Stand strong, perform strong."

Your body language affects your mental state. Maintain a confident posture – head up, shoulders back. This not only boosts your confidence but can also positively influence your performance.

9. Set Mini-Goals

Words to Live By: "Small victories lead to big wins."

Set small, achievable, goals before you start the WOD. This could be doing one more rep than last time, or maintaining quality form throughout the workout. These simple pre-wod goals keep you motivated and give you a sense of accomplishment once completed.

10. Reflect on Your Progress

Words to Live By: "Look how far I've come."

During tough moments, remind yourself of your journey and the progress you’ve made. This reflection reinforces your capability and bolsters your determination to keep pushing forward.

In conclusion, CrossFit workouts are as much mental as they are physical. Employing these mindset affirmations can be the difference between a WOD that breaks you and one that makes you! Remember, every workout is a chance to test your limits and expand your capabilities. Use these strategies to harness the power of your mind, and watch as your body follows suit, leading you to new heights in your CrossFit journey.


Coach A

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